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Moldavite 3 - AAA+ Grade

Sale price$653.00

Top quality Moldavite! 

Real Moldavite is a Tektite, a form of natural glass, created by a meteorite impact near the Czech Republic about 14.5 million years ago. This rare Green (forest green to olive) colored tektite has a hardness between 5.5 and 7. Moldavite is extremely popular in the spiritual and healing communities as well as one of the most prized stones by collectors in recent years. Mining in Czech Republic is not what it once was, since 2020-2021 the supply situation has basically been exhausted & can not keep up with current demand worldwide. Our sources have relationships over 16 years we have access to stones, amazing collections & reserves. Thank you for being here to share our passion for this stone!

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Moldavite 3 - AAA+ Grade
Moldavite 3 - AAA+ Grade Sale price$653.00