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Sedona Retreat

Join Leda during a Full Moon in Sedona for an unforgettable trip filled with healing, magic and experiences.

The Sedona Healing Retreat curated by Leda is a one of a kind experience. You will be taken on a journey of healing, rebirth and manifestations.

Experience Sedona through Leda’s eyes. She is extremely connected with Sedona and has a connection not just with the healing town Sedona but also with the lady who the town was named after.

Leda curates a 5 day tour of Sedona that takes you on a magical ride of detox, healing, rebirth, growth and transformation.

In Sedona along with Leda you will experience a lot of Healing and Activations.

You will also experience UFO sightings at night during Leda’s UFO Sky Watch that is lead by Reverend John and herself.


Tour of Sedona
UFO Sky Watch
Full Moon Ceremony
Sound Bath & Reading
Aura Reading
And much more!

What is Sedona?

It’s the New Age Capital located in Arizona.
It’s a popular destination for red rocks, spirituality, healing, clarity, meditation, peace, and UFOs.
In the 1800s when the doctors didn’t know how to cure the patient’s illness they would suggest to them to visit or move to Sedona. They explained to the patient that they assumed it was the air quality but when there was no hope people would move there and their health would change.

Spiritual individuals realized that it was the power of the Vortexes that would heal anyone and anything that would enter the town Sedona.