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Gemstone Lock & Key Necklace

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This is a great gift for yourself, friend, family or loved one. It's fun and healing! 

The meaning of a gemstone lock and key pendant necklace can vary depending on the wearer’s interpretation and personal beliefs. Generally, it often symbolizes concepts such as:

1. Love and Commitment: The lock and key may represent the idea of one person holding the key to another’s heart, signifying a deep connection and commitment.
2. Trust and Security: The imagery of a lock and key can also symbolize trust and security in a relationship, as one entrusts their heart to another.
3. Secrets and Mystery: The concept of a hidden key can evoke a sense of mystery and secrecy, adding intrigue to the symbolism.
4. Unlocking Potential: Some may see it as a representation of unlocking one’s true potential or discovering hidden facets of oneself.

Remember, the meaning can be subjective, so individuals may ascribe their own significance to the symbolism based on personal experiences and beliefs.

You can keep one of the pendants and give the other to a loved one! 

All of our products have been activated and energized in the vortex at the Haus Of Healing. 



Gemstone Lock & Key Necklace
Gemstone Lock & Key Necklace Sale price$24.99