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Fluorite Sphere Medium - NEW

Sale price$200.00

Fluorite is often believed to have various healing properties, although it’s important to note that these beliefs are not scientifically proven. Some common attributes associated with fluorite include:

1. Mental Clarity: Fluorite is thought to enhance mental clarity, focus, and concentration. It’s believed to help with decision-making and organizing thoughts.
2. Emotional Stability: Some people believe that fluorite can promote emotional stability, reduce stress, and bring balance to one’s emotions.
3. Protection: It’s associated with protection against negative energy and electromagnetic pollution. Some use fluorite as a shield against psychic attacks.
4. Creativity: Fluorite is said to stimulate creativity and help with problem-solving.
5. Physical Healing: In alternative medicine, fluorite is sometimes used to aid physical healing processes, such as relieving joint pain and improving overall wellness.
6. Chakra Alignment: It’s often linked to the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, which are associated with intuition, spirituality, and higher consciousness.

*Sphere display stand not included

Fluorite Sphere Medium - NEW
Fluorite Sphere Medium - NEW Sale price$200.00