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Chevron Amethyst Sphere - NEW

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Chevron amethyst is believed by some to have healing properties that combine the qualities of amethyst and quartz.

Chevron amethyst is believed by some to bring luck or positive energy to those who use or carry it. Attracting wealth and prosperity into your life. 

Some potential healing properties associated with Chevron amethyst include:

1. Spiritual Growth: It is said to enhance spiritual awareness and intuition.
2. Emotional Balance: Chevron amethyst may help in calming emotions, reducing stress, and promoting inner peace.
3. Physical Healing: Some believe it can aid in physical healing by boosting the immune system and relieving headaches and tension.
4. Enhanced Cognitive Abilities: It’s thought to stimulate the mind, enhance focus, and aid in decision-making.
5. Chakra Balancing: Chevron amethyst is often associated with the third eye and crown chakras, potentially aiding in their alignment and balance.

Remember that these healing properties are based on holistic and alternative belief systems and are not scientifically proven. It’s essential to consult a healthcare professional for any medical concerns.

*Sphere display stand not included

Chevron Amethyst Sphere - NEW
Chevron Amethyst Sphere - NEW Sale price$150.00