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Carved Wooden Hands - XXL Two Hands

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Carved wooden hands for crystals are specialized holders or displays designed to showcase and hold crystals, gemstones, or other small, precious objects. These wooden hands are often carved or shaped in a way that creates a secure and visually appealing setting for the crystals. Here’s a bit more detail:

1. Purpose: They serve both a functional and decorative purpose. Functionally, they provide a stable and attractive platform to display crystals, making them easy to view and appreciate. Decoratively, they add a touch of natural beauty to your crystal collection.
2. Design: These hands are typically carved from wood, and the design can vary widely. Some may have fingers that gently cradle the crystals, while others have a flat surface in the palm to place the crystals on. The choice of design often depends on personal preference and the size and shape of the crystals.
3. Materials: The choice of wood can vary from pine and oak to more exotic hardwoods like rosewood or teak. The type of wood can affect the overall appearance and durability of the carved wooden hand.
4. Sizes: They come in different sizes to accommodate various crystal sizes and quantities. Some are designed to hold a single, larger crystal, while others can display multiple smaller ones.
5. Finishes: Carved wooden hands for crystals may be left natural or finished with varnish, paint, or other treatments to enhance their appearance or match the aesthetics of the crystals they hold.

These carved wooden hands not only serve as functional holders but also add a unique and natural touch to crystal collections or decorative displays. They can be found in many metaphysical and home decor shops.
Carved Wooden Hands - XXL Two Hands
Carved Wooden Hands - XXL Two Hands Sale price$84.00