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4" Dragon's Blood

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Dragon's Blood White Sage: Once thought to be the blood of dragons that had perished in combat, Dragon’s Blood is really the hardened resin of the amazingly rare trees (Dracaena cinnabari) found in Indonesia and Sumatra. It has a natural red pigment and a haunting, earthy fragrance. Dragon’s Blood is used to add potency to spells, for protection, and to create a meditative atmosphere. Also known to have powerful effect in stimulating sex drive and passionate love.

Smudging with the smoke of Dragon's Blood white sage smudge sticks is also ideal for cleansing negative energy, attracting positive energy and light when emotionally or spiritually tired or lacking motivation, ridding yourself of other people’s negative emotional energy and renewal to start fresh after moving into a new home, after overcoming adversity, after an argument or after illness. You can smudge your home, work place, car, yoga studio, yourself, pets, or loved ones.

Please be careful when handling Dragon's Blood Smudge Sticks and keep out of hands of children and away from pets. The powder from the Dragon's Blood Smudge Stick will fall off and can stain clothing and other items.

All our products are derived from Mother Nature, no two are ever identical. The photos are representative of what you'll receive, but the coloring and size of each stick is slightly different. You will not receive the same, exact stick from the photo, but one extremely similar.

All of our products have been activated and energized in the vortex at the Haus Of Healing. 

4" Dragon's Blood
4" Dragon's Blood Sale price$15.00