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Spell Candles

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Get your mini ritual candles! 

Each color has a different meaning and you can also activate it to your needs! 

White - Purity, new beginnings, protection, truth, peace, harmony, calming the mind

Pink - Unconditional love, romance, friendship, self-love, happiness, forgiveness, reconciliation, intimacy

Yellow - Intelligence, focus, learning, dissolves mental blocks, wisdom, confidence, clarity, new ideas 

Orange - Intellect, networking, legal affairs, joy, stimulating energy, attraction, justice, celebration 

Green - Growth, money, success, prosperity, attraction, health, earth frequency

Blue - Communication, focus, forgiveness, good fortune, peace, wisdom, remembering dreams, focus

Purple - Meditation, heighten intuition, divination, spiritual knowledge, deepening spiritual wisdom, 

Gold - Personal power, wealth, prosperity, success, manifestation, enlightenment, male energy 

Black - Protection, banishing, repelling, an end to unhealthy situation 

Spell Candles
Spell Candles Sale price$3.00