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Flower Agate Hearts

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Flower Agate is believed to have several healing properties. Some of the purported healing properties of Flower Agate include:

1. **Nurturing Energy:** It's thought to radiate a gentle, nurturing energy, promoting emotional healing and growth.

2. **Emotional Balance:** Flower Agate is said to help balance and calm emotions, reducing stress and anxiety.

3. **Self-Expression:** Some believe it can enhance self-expression, aiding in communication and creativity.

4. **Relationships:** It's associated with improving relationships and communication with loved ones.

5. **Personal Growth:** Flower Agate is thought to support personal growth, helping individuals blossom like a flower.

6. **Grounding:** It may help with grounding and connecting to the Earth's energy.

** NOTE TO SELF: Size and color may vary **

Flower Agate Hearts
Flower Agate Hearts Sale price$26.00