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Article: February 2022 New Beginnings New Moon in Aquarius

February 2022 New Beginnings New Moon in Aquarius

February 2022 New Beginnings New Moon in Aquarius

Tuesday, February 1, 2022 at 12:46am EST enters a New Moon in Aquarius. 
For most of you this New Moon in Aquarius is an exciting new beginning since January was a bit of a rollercoaster ride. I'm sure your emotions were a bit everywhere! 
​But it will all make sense this month and the rest of the year. 
For those of you reading my blog for the first time, welcome! 
​Those who followed my Spiritual Rebel Blog for years, welcome back! We have a new home now :)
So without further ado let's get to ittt!!!! 

A New Moon is when the universe opens a portal to connect you to a specific zodiac sign's energy that month. It's a new beginning. The first few days of the New Moon is pretty powerful. That's when you can draw most of it's powerful energy down to assist you. Use the New Moon to transform any negative habits into positive ones. 
A New Moon is the perfect time to set your intentions. Write your intentions with certainty that everything you are listing will manifest. When you write down your dreams and desires the universe starts working in your favor to help you manifest. 
A New Moon means the sun and the moon are in the same zodiac sign. 

Break down of the planets alignments this month:
The Sun is in Aquarius until February 18th, Mercury is in Capricorn until February 14th, Venus is in Capricorn until March 6, Mars is in Capricorn until March 6th, Jupiter is in Pisces until May 10th, Saturn is in Aquarius until March 7th, 2023, Pluto is in Capricorn until January 21st, 2024, Neptune is in Pisces until January 2026, Chiron is in Aries until June 2026 and Uranus is in Taurus until July 2026. 
Mercury Retrograde ends: February 3rd. 


​The New Moon in Aquarius will lighten up your world this month. You will feel lighter this week. January was tough because two important planets were retrograde: Venus and Mercury. Venus rules love, beauty and relationships while Mercury rules communication, travel and technology. So all of those areas in your life were being highlighted in different ways. A lot of people were sick in January, which allowed them to use the time to go within and make much needed changes. For others just having that awareness was golden. 

This New Moon in Aquarius now brings in a fabulous fresh start! February 1st ushers in a New Moon and the Chinese New Year. It's the year of the water tiger! 
Tigers represent power, strength, confidence, feminine energy and sexuality. 
Water represents spirituality, wealth and money. So if you're seeking a major shift in your life, this is the year to do it! The year of the water tiger will bring in that support.
This month is the time to start using your crystals, writing your intentions, pray and take your faith up a notch. Certainty is key this month in order to manifest your desires. People sometimes get frustrated because they feel things are not moving in their favor, or they feel like they write their intentions and nothing is happening. They insist they have certainty and faith. But do they really? Manifesting is also about faith. It's knowing without a shadow of a doubt that what you envision, feel and believe, you will manifest into fruition. You can shift your timeline at any time. You and only you have the power to shift that for yourself. Love is the highest frequency of all. So if you are feeling stuck, give yourself some love by thinking positive, sharing positive energy and speaking positive words. Your thought process is what determines your outcome. 

Aquarians are all about higher learning and thinking outside the box. They also believe they can achieve anything they set their minds too. Aquarians are here to change the world through original thinking, which makes them unique. They are an air sign. This is why this month of February new ideas will be flowing through you. This is the perfect time to think about what you truly desire and go for it! 
2/2/22 and 2/22/22 are important dates this month! 2/22/22 being a palindrome date. Huge portals will be opened on these dates. Mark your calendar! 


Being that the New Moon in Aquarius will usher in lighter energy, this is the month to connect with others. Mercury retrograde goes direct on February 3rd (YAY!) but you want to give it two weeks for the post shadow stage to pass. Some people are effected by the shadow periods more than the actual retrograde.
Either way this is the month of LOVE! Valentine's Day!! February is always the month of LOVE! 
For those of you that are coupled, you may have had intensity last month due to Venus and Mercury being retrograde but now things will be better than ever. 
Some of you will be engaged this month (congrats!). While some may take a romantic getaway with their sweetie. 
​Others may have seen the end of the road with their partners because the retrogrades brought in much needed awareness for their journey. You may have noticed that the energies and timelines no longer resonated with you. 
No matter what this is the perfect time to work on yourself. 
Which brings me to my single peeps! This month is the month LOVE, I can't say it enough! Work on your self love so you can uplift your frequencies to a higher dimension and attract your soulmate. This year is a 6 which is ruled by Venus.
This is the year to attract your soulmate! A lot of twin flames will be experiencing union this spring so this is the time to plant those seeds. Work on yourself so you can see your self worth and attract someone who can see your worth and appreciate it. 
​You deserve it! 
Venus retrograde may have also questioned your relationships with your circle of friends. You may have realized that perhaps some friends are really not your friend friend but perhaps more of a frenemy. The fact that you questioned the relationships that surround you, means you are ascending to higher frequency in your life. You are shifting, you are leaving behind what is still in the 3D realm. You are no longer there. 


​This month you will want to feel new energies in your work force. The New Moon in Aquarius will support you in manifesting new ideas, new side hustles, new clients, and even a new career. 
Whatever comes your way this month will be filled with a lot of light and a lot of     abundance!
Since 2020 so many people have questioned their careers. Some left their jobs and started their own small business. Others took their business, pivoted and never looked back. Many of you realized that it was time for a shift and switched careers.
This month the desire for new beginnings will be within you. Financial abundance will be pouring in if you stay positive and attract those blessings! 
This is a powerful powerful month for finances! 
For those that own their own business, you will be meeting new clients, more sales, and some will even hire a new employee that will be an excellent addition. 
Positive changes are here for you this month! 

Well there you have it my bunnies!! February is offering you a brand new beginning! 
This New Moon in Aquarius is the real new year! It's an opportunity to start over and leave the past in the past. Start fresh and new. Remember to light a candle, write your intentions down and use cinnamon if you are seeking financial abundance and love. This is your month, feel it and own it!!! Don't place so much stress on Valentine's Day and see it as a day where you can connect to the angel and energy of St. Valentine and ask him to bring in your soulmate! Or bring you closer to your current partner. 
But most of all, allow yourself to love yourself and feel loved by others. 
I am excited to see you all shine this month! 
May you feel the healing energy in this blog and may you all receive love, light, happiness, health, joy, peace, blessings, miracles, financial abundance and tons of magic!!! 

Love and light,
Leda xxx

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